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Using Morningstar Screens
  Morningstar Screens are built into the Fund Screener itself. To view the screens, simply click on the Morningstar Screens button at the top right of the Criteria page.
  A pop-up window will appear on your screen. Along the left side, you will see the names of the screens. Click on the screen name to view a Morningstar analyst's description of the screen, followed by the screening criteria. To view the resulting funds, click on Show Screen Results. You will then land on the Results page, where you can view and rank the funds. From the Results page, to view more screens, click on the Morningstar Screen link at the top of the page.

Analysts Insights and Definitions
  If you have questions about any of the data points, you can view the data definitions, as well as an accompanying Analyst Insight on the term by clicking on the light bulb next to the data point. The Analyst Insights provide added context, including how the data might best be used in a search.

Viewing Your Results

  After you've entered your search criteria, you can then run your search by clicking on the Show Results tab. Within the results page, you can view your funds in one of four different views: Snapshot, Performance, Portfolio, and Nuts & Bolts. This is an easy way to compare the funds without having to print out each fund's report.
    Within each of these views, you can rank the funds by clicking on any of the data columns near the top of the results table. You can also compare the funds' statistics to the Universe Average at the top of each results view, or compare returns to those of the S&P 500 index at the bottom of each results view. You can also view the criteria that you used to build the search at the bottom of the page.
    Do more with these results. After clicking on the check boxes next to specific funds you may click on:
Add to New/Current Portfolio-to create a new portfolio or add to an existing one
Score these Results-
to move your selected stocks into our Score tool for further evaluation

Modifying Searches
  After you've looked at your funds, you can either modify your search by clicking on the Change Criteria tab, or you can start over by clicking on New Search. You can also click on the fund names to view their individual Quicktake pages.

  Please forward any questions you have about how to use the Morningstar.com Fund Screener, as well as any suggestions on how we might improve its functionality. As with any of our tools, we are constantly looking for ways to make them better, and your comments can make all the difference.

Happy screening!
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