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    Stock Name   Ticker   Last Close   Dividend
($ mil)
    American Express Co   AXP   78.20   1.56   70,374    
    Apple Inc   AAPL   140.64   1.62   737,873    
    International Business Mach   IBM   173.83   3.22   163,959    
    LyondellBasell Industries N   LYB   87.56   3.88   35,246    
    Telstra Corp Ltd   TTRAF   3.52   9.57   41,864    
    Telstra Corp Ltd ADR   TLSYY   17.36   6.80   41,294    
    The Kroger Co   KR   29.10   1.60   26,888    
    Verizon Communications Inc   VZ   49.68   4.60   202,694    
    Universe Average   --    --    
    S&P 500    2,380    
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      Trailing P/E Ratio   less than or equal to   20
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