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    Stock Name   Ticker   Last Close   Dividend
($ mil)
    Applied Materials Inc   AMAT   52.64   1.56   48,626    
    Delta Air Lines Inc   DAL   54.58   2.66   35,299    
    General Mills Inc   GIS   52.51   3.73   31,737    
    Kellogg Co   K   62.50   3.60   21,290    
    Las Vegas Sands Corp   LVS   57.97   5.28   44,625    
    LyondellBasell Industries N   LYB   87.99   4.66   29,498    
    Southwest Airlines Co   LUV   53.23   1.28   28,612    
    The Kroger Co   KR   24.11   2.41   19,327    
    United Parcel Service Inc C   UPS   118.52   3.20   101,774    
    Universe Average   --    --    
    S&P 500    7    
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