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    Stock Name   Ticker   Last Close   Dividend
($ mil)
    Braskem SA ADR repr Class A   BRKMY   19.10   0.00   7,599    
    ENGIE Brasil Energia SA ADR   EGIEY   12.50   1.19   10,286    
    General Mills Inc   GIS   52.77   3.71   31,765    
    LyondellBasell Industries N   LYB   85.92   4.71   31,819    
    Mining and Metallurgical Co   NILSY   23.75   10.23   37,583    
    Southwest Airlines Co   LUV   52.02   1.27   28,250    
    United Parcel Service Inc C   UPS   103.31   3.62   88,925    
    Universe Average   --    --    
    S&P 500    10    
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