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    Stock Name   Ticker   Last Close   Dividend
($ mil)
    Fiat Group S.p.A. ADR   FIATY   11.96   0.00   14,545    
    Gentherm Inc   THRM   35.64   0.00   1,254    
    Infinity Property and Casua   IPCC   66.36   1.90   763    
    Noah Holdings Ltd. ADR   NOAH   13.57   0.88   750    
    Pioneer Natural Resources C   PXD   200.31   0.04   28,628    
    Prudential Financial Inc   PRU   80.09   2.32   37,082    
    Questcor Pharmaceuticals, I   QCOR   78.46   1.47   4,753    
    Schnitzer Steel Industries,   SCHN   28.10   2.67   748    
    Stratasys Ltd   SSYS   100.46   0.00   4,944    
    Universe Average   --    --    
    S&P 500    4    
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  View:   Results: 1-9 of 9     
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      Market Capitalization   greater than or equal to   $500 mil
      Growth Grade   equal to   A or B
      5-year Forecasted Earnings Growth   greater than or equal to   30 %
      Trailing P/E Ratio   less than or equal to   30
      P/E-to-Earnings Growth Ratio(PEG)   less then or equal to   1.5
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