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    Stock Name   Ticker   Last Close   Dividend
($ mil)
    Carbonite Inc   CARB   19.35   0.00   542    
    Ctrip.com International Ltd   CTRP   54.68   0.00   28,418    
    Diamondback Energy Inc   FANG   100.65   0.00   10,034    
    Fairmount Santrol Holdings   FMSA   5.43   0.00   1,261    
    Kate Spade & Co   KATE   18.42   0.00   2,370    
    Kimco Realty Corp   KIM   18.03   5.77   7,747    
    Micron Technology Inc   MU   28.29   0.00   31,043    
    Universe Average   --    --    
    S&P 500    2,584    
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      Market Capitalization   greater than or equal to   $500 mil
      Growth Grade   equal to   A or B
      5-year Forecasted Earnings Growth   greater than or equal to   30 %
      Trailing P/E Ratio   less than or equal to   30
      P/E-to-Earnings Growth Ratio(PEG)   less then or equal to   1.5
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