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06-30-2015 14:30:00 PM
 New York Stock Exchange (NYSE)
TickerNamePrice $Price
Change $
Change %
BTUPeabody Energy Corp2.16-0.35-13.77
OFGOFG Bancorp10.65-1.58-12.89
FBPFirst BanCorp4.79-0.60-11.06
IMNImation Corp4.01-0.48-10.69
CLFCliffs Natural Resources Inc4.30-0.51-10.52
PVAPenn Virginia Corp4.42-0.35-7.25
SNESony Corp28.34-2.01-6.62
SXESouthcross Energy Partners LP11.04-0.69-5.88
VHIValhi Inc5.72-0.33-5.45
GGBGerdau SA2.40-0.14-5.34
TickerNamePrice $Price
Change $
Change %
APOLApollo Education Group Inc12.88-2.66-17.12
TUESTuesday Morning Corp11.32-1.87-14.18
VALUValue Line, Inc.10.23-1.57-13.31
CBLICleveland BioLabs Inc4.05-0.54-11.85
JAXBJacksonville Bancorp Inc11.73-1.27-9.84
SCHNSchnitzer Steel Industries Inc17.59-1.68-8.72
TSRITSR Inc3.52-0.30-8.38
DESTDestination Maternity Corp11.55-0.99-7.89
SONSSonus Networks Inc6.90-0.53-7.13
CYANCyanotech Corp9.49-0.71-6.96
 American Stock Exchange (AMEX)
TickerNamePrice $Price
Change $
Change %
DXRDaxor Corp6.80-1.02-13.04
HMGHMG/Courtland Properties Inc12.26-0.69-5.33
SGBSouthwest Georgia Financial Corp14.21-0.54-3.66
CVUCPI Aerostructures Inc10.31-0.39-3.64
TRTTrio-Tech International3.06-0.11-3.54
PWPower REIT5.75-0.18-3.04
AWXAvalon Holdings Corp2.30-0.07-2.95
VSRVersar Inc3.83-0.11-2.79
RICRichmont Mines Inc3.18-0.09-2.75
TIKTel Instrument Electronics Corp5.05-0.14-2.70
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