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04-24-2014 11:15:00 AM
 New York Stock Exchange (NYSE)
TickerNamePrice $Price
Change $
Change %
IMIngram Micro Inc26.13-4.14-13.68
FIOFusion-io Inc8.54-1.15-11.83
TNPTsakos Energy Navigation Ltd7.38-0.97-11.62
MYEMyers Industries Inc21.80-2.24-9.32
TWITitan International Inc16.26-1.55-8.70
CLBCore Laboratories NV195.50-18.19-8.51
UAUnder Armour Inc49.88-4.56-8.38
ELYCallaway Golf Co8.96-0.73-7.53
NEUNewMarket Corp371.20-26.35-6.63
AVTAvnet Inc43.91-2.81-6.01
TickerNamePrice $Price
Change $
Change %
CLFDClearfield Inc16.68-4.10-19.73
EROCEagle Rock Energy Partners LP4.00-0.85-17.53
TBBKBancorp Inc15.80-2.80-15.05
TCBITexas Capital Bancshares Inc56.79-7.78-12.05
IPCMIPC The Hospitalist Co Inc43.06-5.34-11.03
NYNYEmpire Resorts Inc7.92-0.92-10.41
QDELQuidel Corp21.58-2.34-9.78
DGICBDonegal Group Inc23.00-2.30-9.09
XLNXXilinx Inc47.73-4.69-8.95
 American Stock Exchange (AMEX)
TickerNamePrice $Price
Change $
Change %
TRTTrio-Tech International3.08-0.23-6.95
TIKTel Instrument Electronics Corp4.79-0.26-5.15
TSHTeche Holding74.97-2.81-3.61
EVKEver-Glory International Group Inc7.25-0.24-3.20
MXCMexco Energy Corp7.30-0.20-2.67
UQMUQM Technologies Inc2.42-0.06-2.42
CUOContinental Materials Corp18.22-0.41-2.20
FRDFriedman Industries8.33-0.17-2.00
RWCRELM Wireless Corp3.16-0.06-1.86
SIFSifco Industries Inc33.50-0.42-1.24
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