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07-30-2015 10:45:00 AM
 New York Stock Exchange (NYSE)
TickerNamePrice $Price
Change $
Change %
WWEWorld Wrestling Entertainment Inc18.702.2213.47
HOSHornbeck Offshore Services Inc19.912.2712.87
MWWMonster Worldwide Inc6.760.7211.92
SKXSkechers USA Inc140.6312.199.49
EIGEmployers Holdings Inc24.262.069.26
VGVonage Holdings Corp5.640.479.18
AKSAK Steel Holding Corp3.490.257.56
APDAir Products & Chemicals Inc143.259.116.79
TERTeradyne Inc19.841.236.61
WTSWatts Water Technologies Inc54.003.226.34
TickerNamePrice $Price
Change $
Change %
EHTHeHealth Inc15.843.1725.02
LPSNLivePerson Inc9.681.7822.53
OTEXOpen Text Corp44.386.7517.94
FORMFormFactor Inc7.390.9915.39
FAROFaro Technologies Inc45.205.9915.28
NTRINutriSystem Inc29.003.7915.03
PEGAPegasystems Inc25.892.6011.16
POWIPower Integrations Inc42.744.1710.81
ANIKAnika Therapeutics Inc38.543.399.64
HOLXHologic Inc41.443.418.97
 American Stock Exchange (AMEX)
TickerNamePrice $Price
Change $
Change %
GSBGlobalSCAPE Inc3.410.237.23
TISOrchids Paper Products Co24.761.235.23
MHHMastech Holdings Inc8.610.384.62
BZCBreeze-Eastern Corp12.690.504.10
TOFTofutti Brands Inc4.300.143.37
DLADelta Apparel Inc13.550.322.42
STSSupreme Industries Inc8.220.172.08
AWXAvalon Holdings Corp2.080.041.91
BTNBallantyne Strong Inc4.630.061.31
BTIBritish American Tobacco PLC116.301.411.23
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