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09-18-2014 12:30:00 PM
 New York Stock Exchange (NYSE)
TickerNamePrice $Price
Change $
Change %
PWEPenn West Petroleum Ltd7.610.608.56
LEN.BLennar Corp34.161.895.86
KEPKorea Electric Power Corp22.111.095.19
LVLTLevel 3 Communications Inc48.162.325.06
WMSAdvanced Drainage Systems Inc20.950.884.38
PHXPanhandle Oil and Gas Inc65.702.684.25
GTSTriple-S Management Corp19.370.774.14
GBXGreenbrier Companies Inc76.883.034.10
PARPAR Technology Corp5.030.193.99
FBPFirst BanCorp5.290.203.93
TickerNamePrice $Price
Change $
Change %
EMKREmcore Corp5.481.1927.74
VIMCVimicro International Corp9.210.9811.91
ARNAArena Pharmaceuticals Inc4.290.3910.00
PSDVpSivida Ltd4.420.368.87
PRSCProvidence Service Corp45.853.608.52
RENTRentrak Corp56.294.288.23
ISRLIsramco Inc120.029.008.11
NSSCNAPCO Security Technologies Inc4.680.337.59
QDELQuidel Corp27.121.857.32
 American Stock Exchange (AMEX)
TickerNamePrice $Price
Change $
Change %
LTSLadenburg Thalmann Financial Services Inc3.840.143.78
IDNIntellicheck Mobilisa Inc4.830.173.65
RWCRELM Wireless Corp5.750.203.60
BKJBancorp of New Jersey Inc11.740.393.44
ESPEspey Manufacturing & Electronics23.510.773.39
CVUCPI Aerostructures Inc10.920.272.54
PLXProtalix BioTherapeutics Inc2.590.051.97
VIIVicon Industries Inc2.830.051.80
BHBBar Harbor Bankshares28.790.491.72
TISOrchids Paper Products Co25.790.431.70
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