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09-30-2014 18:30:00 PM
 New York Stock Exchange (NYSE)
TickerNamePrice $Price
Change $
FFord Motor Co14.79-0.3248,216
BACBank of America Corporation17.050.0430,536
AMDAdvanced Micro Devices Inc3.41-0.1426,375
EMCEMC Corp29.260.4323,973
KOCoca-Cola Co42.660.4122,440
GEGeneral Electric Co25.620.2016,511
TSMTaiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co Ltd20.180.2315,357
XOMExxon Mobil Corporation94.05-0.3814,969
SSprint Corp6.34-0.0114,579
MDTMedtronic Inc61.95-0.5914,351
TickerNamePrice $Price
Change $
EBAYeBay Inc56.633.9776,695
AAPLApple Inc100.750.6455,047
MOVEMove Inc20.965.6742,131
CSCOCisco Systems Inc25.170.0536,223
INTCIntel Corp34.82-0.0834,646
MSFTMicrosoft Corp46.36-0.0832,406
GPROGoPro Inc93.702.7631,365
FBFacebook Inc79.040.0431,235
YHOOYahoo! Inc40.750.2330,214
SIRISirius XM Holdings Inc3.49-0.0123,366
 American Stock Exchange (AMEX)
TickerNamePrice $Price
Change $
LNGCheniere Energy Inc80.03-1.562,745
ANVAllied Nevada Gold Corp3.31-0.162,002
IGIGI Inc9.32-0.111,378
GTEGran Tierra Energy Inc5.54-0.191,367
LTSLadenburg Thalmann Financial Services Inc4.240.001,206
NGNovagold Resources Inc3.03-0.08825
NGDNew Gold Inc5.05-0.33666
FSPFranklin Street Properties Corp11.22-0.12583
GSTGastar Exploration Inc5.87-0.41411
VHCVirnetX Holding Corp6.00-0.19400
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