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Fund Name Morningstar
( % )
( % )
($ mil)
1919 Financial Services AFinancial1.191.44108
1919 Financial Services AFinancial1.191.44108
1919 Financial Services CFinancial0.662.11108
1919 Financial Services IFinancial1.491.06108
AB Concentrated Growth AdLarge Growth-0.360.99303
AB Core Opportunities ALarge Growth-0.281.20151
AB Core Opportunities A LLarge Growth-0.281.20151
AB Core Opportunities AdvLarge Growth-0.050.90151
AB Core Opportunities BLarge Growth-0.481.48151
AB Core Opportunities CLarge Growth-0.811.90151
AB Core Opportunities ILarge Growth-0.050.90151
AB Core Opportunities KLarge Growth-0.271.15151
AB Core Opportunities RLarge Growth-0.451.40151
AB Equity Income ALarge Value-6.841.04833
AB Equity Income A Load WLarge Value-6.841.04833
AB Equity Income AdvisorLarge Value-6.670.74833
AB Equity Income BLarge Value-7.371.76833
AB Equity Income CLarge Value-7.341.74833
AB Equity Income ILarge Value-6.630.75833
AB Equity Income KLarge Value-6.871.08833
AB Equity Income RLarge Value-7.101.39833
AB Growth ALarge Growth3.041.38690
AB Growth A Load WaivedLarge Growth3.041.38690
AB Growth AdvisorLarge Growth3.221.08690
AB Growth BLarge Growth2.372.14690
All Funds Avg -3.511.141,976
S&P 500 -3.72
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