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Fund Name Morningstar
( % )
( % )
($ mil)
13D Activist AMid-Cap Blend9.271.75278
13D Activist IMid-Cap Blend9.421.50278
1919 Financial Services AFinancial3.121.46208
1919 Financial Services CFinancial2.852.13208
1919 Financial Services IFinancial3.221.05208
AB Concentrated Growth AdLarge Growth10.430.99389
AB Core Opportunities ALarge Growth7.291.14250
AB Core Opportunities AdvLarge Growth7.390.88250
AB Core Opportunities BLarge Growth7.211.39250
AB Core Opportunities CLarge Growth7.061.88250
AB Core Opportunities ILarge Growth7.420.87250
AB Core Opportunities KLarge Growth7.291.13250
AB Core Opportunities RLarge Growth7.211.38250
AB Equity Income ALarge Value5.721.02718
AB Equity Income AdvisorLarge Value5.790.76718
AB Equity Income ILarge Value5.780.76718
AB Equity Income KLarge Value5.671.09718
AB Equity Income RLarge Value5.561.38718
AB Growth ALarge Growth13.431.28733
AB Growth AdvisorLarge Growth13.531.03733
AB Growth BLarge Growth13.162.08733
AB Growth CLarge Growth13.182.03733
AB Growth ILarge Growth13.570.94733
AB Growth KLarge Growth13.421.26733
AB Growth RLarge Growth13.311.59733
All Funds Avg 5.391.112,144
S&P 500
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