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Fund Name Morningstar
( % )
( % )
($ mil)
AB Emerging Markets MultiDiversified Emergin5.421.3534
AdvisorOne CLS InternatioForeign Large Blend3.271.1519
Alger International GrowtForeign Large Growt-6.101.32200
Amana Developing World InDiversified Emergin5.131.4825
American Beacon Intl EquiForeign Large Value-3.191.032,421
American Century Global GWorld Stock-3.351.08508
American Century Global GWorld Stock-3.300.73508
American Century Intl CorForeign Large Blend-2.961.1530
American Funds Capital WoWorld Stock-0.090.8680,708
American Funds Capital WoWorld Stock-0.040.6480,708
American Funds Capital WoWorld Stock-0.060.7780,708
American Funds Capital WoWorld Stock-0.090.8180,708
American Funds Capital WoWorld Stock0.020.5480,708
American Funds Capital WoWorld Stock-0.070.7980,708
American Funds Capital WoWorld Stock0.030.4980,708
American Funds Capital WoWorld Stock-0.030.0280,708
American Funds Capital WoWorld Stock0.060.4580,708
American Funds EuropacifiForeign Large Growt-3.250.67120,326
American Funds EuropacifiForeign Large Growt-3.310.83120,326
American Funds EuropacifiForeign Large Growt-3.300.86120,326
American Funds EuropacifiForeign Large Growt-3.300.84120,326
American Funds EuropacifiForeign Large Growt-3.200.53120,326
American Funds Intl Gr anForeign Large Blend-0.220.6310,222
American Funds Intl Gr anForeign Large Blend-0.210.5810,222
American Funds New PerspeWorld Stock-3.000.8457,812
All Funds Avg 0.531.131,921
S&P 500
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Ratings and total assets through month-end. YTD through previous close.
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