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Fund Name Morningstar
( % )
( % )
($ mil)
AB Emerging Markets MultiDiversified Emergin15.151.3537
AdvisorOne CLS InternatioForeign Large Blend6.801.1519
Alger Global Growth IWorld Stock1.461.2530
Amana Developing World InDiversified Emergin13.341.4527
American Century EmergingDiversified Emergin14.221.08580
American Century Global GWorld Stock1.001.08518
American Century NT EmergDiversified Emergin13.941.09445
American Funds Capital WoWorld Stock6.220.8683,808
American Funds Capital WoWorld Stock6.370.6483,808
American Funds Capital WoWorld Stock6.270.7783,808
American Funds Capital WoWorld Stock6.240.8183,808
American Funds Capital WoWorld Stock6.450.5483,808
American Funds Capital WoWorld Stock6.270.7983,808
American Funds Capital WoWorld Stock6.480.4983,808
American Funds Capital WoWorld Stock6.350.0283,808
American Funds Capital WoWorld Stock6.510.4583,808
American Funds EuropacifiForeign Large Growt3.560.90126,016
American Funds EuropacifiForeign Large Growt3.700.69126,016
American Funds EuropacifiForeign Large Growt3.610.83126,016
American Funds EuropacifiForeign Large Growt3.590.86126,016
American Funds EuropacifiForeign Large Growt3.620.85126,016
American Funds EuropacifiForeign Large Growt3.820.54126,016
American Funds EuropacifiForeign Large Growt3.670.25126,016
American Funds Global GroWorld Stock4.850.211,814
American Funds Global GroWorld Stock4.920.141,814
All Funds Avg 6.151.122,008
S&P 500
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Ratings and total assets through month-end. YTD through previous close.
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      Minimum Initial Purchase   less than or equal to   $ 3000
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      Expense Ratio   less than or equal to   Category Average
      Star Rating   equal to   4 or 5
      Morningstar Risk   better than or equal to   Average
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