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Fund Name Morningstar
( % )
( % )
($ mil)
AB Bond Inflation StrategInflation-Protected0.380.52347
American Century Ginnie MIntermediate Govern0.230.551,207
AMG Managers IntermediateIntermediate Govern0.820.89192
AMG Managers Short DuratiUltrashort Bond0.330.80389
BlackRock Low Duration BdShort-Term Bond0.960.645,288
BlackRock US Mortgage PorIntermediate-Term B0.770.91295
BlackRock US Mortgage PorIntermediate-Term B0.950.65295
Brandes Core Plus Fixed IIntermediate-Term B0.400.7076
Brandes Core Plus Fixed IIntermediate-Term B0.640.7076
Cavanal Hill Short-Term IShort-Term Bond0.480.66164
Commerce Shrt-Term GovernShort Government0.560.68153
FidelityŽ GNMAIntermediate Govern0.490.455,940
FidelityŽ Limited Term GoShort Government0.810.45364
Invesco US Mortgage R5Intermediate-Term B1.070.67432
Invesco US Mortgage YIntermediate-Term B1.130.72432
JHancock Government IncomIntermediate Govern0.850.98286
Loomis Sayles Ltd Term GoShort Government0.830.80824
MassMutual Premier Short-Short-Term Bond1.380.93574
MassMutual Premier Short-Short-Term Bond1.470.68574
MassMutual Premier Short-Short-Term Bond1.750.37574
MassMutual Premier Short-Short-Term Bond1.550.84574
MassMutual Premier Short-Short-Term Bond1.450.52574
MassMutual Premier Short-Short-Term Bond1.660.59574
Metropolitan West IntermeIntermediate-Term B0.670.681,212
Metropolitan West Total RIntermediate-Term B0.560.8067,512
All Funds Avg 2.231.142,109
S&P 500 2.84
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Ratings and total assets through month-end. YTD through previous close.
  Search Criteria Review   Conservative Bond Funds    
      Fund Group   equal to   Fixed-Income
      Manager Tenure   greater than or equal to   3 years
      Minimum Initial Purchase   less than or equal to   $ 10000
      No-load funds only    
      Expense Ratio   less than or equal to   1.00 %
      Star Rating   equal to   4 or 5
      Morningstar Risk   better than or equal to   Average
      Average Credit Quality   above or equal to   A
      Duration   less than or equal to   5 years
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